Relationships, What Are They?

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In today’s sales world you will hear and read a lot about building relationships. This consultative style of selling doesn’t just happen on the first call and building a solid relationship with a prospect takes time. Many years ago sales people would do the old razzle-dazzle on the prospect and make the quick sale before the prospect had time to realize they had said yes. That isn’t the case any longer, though I’m certain there are still a few of these morons around who think they can ‘wow’ themselves into a sale.What is the definition of a ‘relationship’? Webster’s defines a relationship as; a state involving mutual dealings between people or parties, or a connectedness between people. Well who am I to argue with Webster’s? Let me suggest my simplified definition of a sales rep-to-prospect relationship as “a state of trust and respect between parties that results in meeting the needs of one another in a professional and personal manner.”  In the business products industry this relationship can and will overcome many hurdles as time goes on. You will earn the trust and respect of your customer because you will demonstrate over time that you sincerely care about them as individuals, and customers.

The consultative selling process involves asking questions, questions, and more questions. Who are the greatest sales people on earth? Your children are! Think about it. They pepper you with questions, they are very effective about making a case for the new toy they want and they get you to make an emotional decision. They are persistent and don’t easily take ‘no’ for an answer. Take some lessons from your kids who know how to get what they want! They effectively take down all the negative barriers you have and present a strong case for themselves.  If you used all these strategies on your last sales call how effective do you think the call would have been? 

The last word: “A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows you are slightly cracked.”– Bernard Meltzer