Strategies to Make You More Marketable

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Again, my congratulations to Ivana Taylor over at her Strategy Stew blog for another outstanding article. In her post titled “How to Use the Seven Triggers in Your Differentiation Strategy” she outlines the concepts you need to utilize in creating your brand identity and how to use those strategies to be successful in your business. Based upon a book written by Russ Granger entitled “7 Triggers to Yes!” Ivana offers an interesting post on applying the triggers in marketing kits. Today’s office products marketplace is more than just competitive it’s increasingly more difficult to be seen in the market when independent dealers don’t have the huge marketing budgets of our big box competitors. What we do have is our own competitive advantages that when used effectively can far outweigh the price objection we often hear. Let’s look at just three of those triggers today and we will discuss the others in another post.

The Friendship TriggerActivates trust and agreement through bonding.In its simplest terms this means that people buy from people, the relationship is king. The big box stores depend on the transactional relationship. You know what you want, you drive to the store walk in and hopefully will find the product that meets your needs. You receive no personal customer service and no one attempts to show you similar product(s) that may do the job for less money or perform better for the same investment. No one asks you about your project and they don’t care if you buy or if you don’t. You pay for your product and leave the store with limited interaction from the personnel. They don’t know you from Jack or Jill. No relationship whatsoever.

The Consistency TriggerAppeals to motives consistent with past actions. What do you deliver consistently? We deliver next day, our customer service people are trained and knowledgeable, our furniture staff is experienced and well trained, our furniture design services are free, I’m always in your office every two weeks, I’m always looking for ways to save you money with new products and better purchasing ideas, just to name a few. A real person really answers our phones, consistently, no auto-attendants. Think about what you do every day, every week and write down those practices and share them in all your marketing materials and on your web space!

The Reason Why TriggerGives reasons that activate an automatic “yes”. Why should I buy from you? What reasons can you give to do business with you or your dealer? What separates you from the competition? What makes you the better choice? Do you have a top ten list of reasons why I should do business with you? I include such a list in all my prospecting materials, on my company web site and I personally reinforce it in my ‘sales pitch’ when talking to others. I could probably make it a top 20 or even 30 but why spoil all the fun! I’ve got to have something else to personally offer each client to let them know their business is very special and personal to me.

How do you include these concepts in your marketing plans? Did you use a similar thought process to brand your company or yourself? Creating your brand image is easier than you think and it can make a real difference in how you go to market. Thanks Ivana for an inspiring post! Post a comment and get the conversation going.