Those in the Know, Know This

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Key To Success

In this economy, or any other, there are basic things a good rep must know.

Know your product.

Know your customer.

Know your target market.

Know yourself.

In the current economy the relationship is King and price  is Queen.  What will get you the business is what makes you different than all the rest.  Any idiot (no offense intended to all the idiots) can give the product away at overly discounted prices.  That doesn’t take intelligence.  In tough times being differentiated is a key success factor.  Customers and prospects don’t want fluff  they want genuine value and a relationship with someone they can trust who will look out for their interests and help identify areas where they can save the customer money and be different than the competitors. 

Using my ‘King & Queen” analogy you need to realize that you are living in a castle owned by the customer.  Without the customer you have no place to live so it makes sense to take care of that which puts a proverbial roof over your head!  Customers will ask for deeper discounts and you will have to make a decision on what to do.  However, customers also understand that you have to make a profit so be careful how deeply you discount your wares.  Offer greater overall value and differentiate yourself from your competitors and you will not be forced to unnecessarily discount your prices so heavily that your profits dwindle and your business suffers.  Recessions are tough for everyone and businesses are looking for bargains.  Buy smart, sell smart and position yourself as a provider of value and trust and your customers will remember you long after the recession is over.

The last word: “The hopeful man see success where others see failure, sunshine where others see shadows and storms.” -Orison Swett Marden