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I love to read.  In fact I read nearly everything I get my hands on, except for trash.  You know, trash materials that contain nothing but either bogus information or junk that ruins your mind, your values, or most especially your attitude.  Some material just isn’t fit for the mind.  It’s like the food you eat.  Good food comes in and you feel great!  Eat something bad or overeat (over indulge) and you become miserable.  Same thing applies to what you put into your mind.  It’s candy for your mind so to speak.  I read to be informed and educated but also to enlighten and grow myself spiritually and mentally.  My wife would laughingly remark to this “You’re already a mental case!” to which I would probably answer with a big smile “Absolutely!”  I love the outdoors so I read about adventure, I love cooking and camping and there are lots of materials available about that too.   

I like to read books from successful people that talk about how they achieved their successes and where they made their failures.  We all fail sooner or later, that is inevitable, but it’s the success that comes from that failure that makes us much wiser and more successful in the future.  After all, our life is the sum of our experiences.  I was reading a series of polls and noticed several that really made me think.  A Harris Poll surveyed 23,000 working adults in key position and industries in the United States.  One  result was that only 37% of the employees understood what the corporate goals were in the company to which they were employed.  The other was only 10% of those same workers felt the company held them “accountable for results.”  I was really surprised because I guess I took for granted the fact that if you worked for a large company you automatically knew what the corporate goals were.  Obviously I was wrong.  I am also surprised that only 10% feel accountable.  Why is that?  Is it a lack of responsibility or is it a lack of motivation to even care?  In my past life as a business owner I always kept my employees informed of the business status.  I wanted them to feel a part of the process and understand they were a vital part of the company future.  I think a lack of recognition of employees in today’s workplace contributes to this.  Even if you don’t play a big role in your company you should always feel that you are a valuable player and that everyone respects the contribution you make.  I have always considered myself successful but that is only because the people around me are successful too.  I want my coworkers to know that I sincerely appreciate everything they do.  I recognize that without them success would be a lonely place.  

Another survey is from the Gallup Organization.  It reported that 73% of those surveyed said that $33,000 in additional salary per year would make them much happier.  I was actually surprised that this number wasn’t much higher.  Upon close self examination I also find that this amount would be a welcomed addition to my own salary.  Not to say that more wouldn’t be better but this is a valid figure that accomplishes a lot in terms of financial freedom.  Sales people have such a huge advantage in this area.  They simply work smarter and harder and they can achieve any financial goal they desire.  The computer has changed how we work and how we receive our information to such a degree that an intelligent and focused sales person can achieve nearly limitless possibilities in any field.  Perhaps that is why I love to train new sales people.  The experienced sales person is set in their old habits and highly resistant to change.  The new sales person has their eyes wide open; their minds are not clouded with past failures and rejections and they are very comfortable with technology.  In my opinion however, I believe that the experienced sales person remains successful and stays on top of their game by reading and focusing on their goals and how they expect to reach them.  New ideas, techniques and strategies are written about every day but if you don’t take the time to read and absorb and experiment with new ways to do business you can’t grow yourself or your business.  Let’s reference one last poll, this one is given by OfficeTeam.  This survey states that 84% of the executives polled said they would remove a résumé from consideration if it contained as little as two typographical errors. I completely agree, I see a lot of résumés and the spelling and grammar I see from many of today’s college graduates is oftentimes atrocious. No matter how much I like the candidate on paper if I see these kinds of errors I immediately place them in my “do not consider” file.  If something that important (spelling and grammar) isn’t given your absolute best effort then how can I expect you to always give me your best every day?  I have high expectations of my employees because I know they are highly capable and we are a team that expects the very best from one another, every day.  What are you reading?  Are you reading for growth or entertainment, or perhaps both? 

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