Great Customer Service is a Sustainable Advantage

Filed Under (OP Sales Training) by Don on 31-01-2008

Customers expect more today from customer service than ever before.  Customers are raising expectations of service every day and so must you.  Customer Experience expert Seth Godin noted that more than 90 percent of customers change their opinion of a company based on the manner in which the company deals with them on the phone.  A potentially negative experience or product error can be damaging but when handled by expert customer service professionals who have been trained and empowered can turn this into a positive experience that can lead to a life-long customer.  This is the kind of experience that gives you repeat business and customers who become customer advocates and are pleased to recommend your company to others.

Ask yourself these questions:  Is great customer service a core value in your company culture?  Are your customers happy when they buy from you and want to tell others?  What is your customers opinion of your service?  How does your customer service compare to your competition?  When customers call your office do they get a live person or an impersonal complicated menu of options? 

Are your customer service people good or are they great?  What’s the difference?  Good customer service people know their products and handle negative issues with ease.  Great customer service people create a favorable impression of the company from the moment they answer the phone.  They up-sell the customer to a better product or higher quantity demonstrating better value to the customer.  They ask questions and work on account penetration and increase profits for your company.  Are you satisfied with just “good” or do you want “great”? 

Do you monitor your customer service people as they interact with your customers?  Are they empowered to make decisions in the best interest of the customer?  Do you support their decisions or do you criticise them?  Do you provide your team with the knowledge, information and tools to perform effectively? Ongoing training ensures a consistent and satisfying customer service experience and keeps the customers coming back.  Us your best skilled CSR’s to demonstrate ‘best practices” to new hires and less skilled personnel.  That’s a lot of questions!  So how do you measure your success or failure?

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