“Thank You” Power

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What is the most valuable thing you have?  Is it your family?  Your faith?  Your children?  Your new Lexus?  All good answers, but all the wrong answer.  The most valuable thing you have is your TIME!  Time is the one constant you can never get back.  There are no ‘do-overs’ when it comes to time.  If you have children I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind at some point “I wish I had spent more time with the kids when they were little”.  Time is so precious and so easily wasted.  I cannot even measure the time I wasted that my memory can recall.  So much wasted, so little remembered.  My son just turned twenty one years young and every time I see him I wonder if I’ve spent enough time with him.  I don’t think I did.  I don’t think I ever will either, oh God, forgive me for all of my wasted time.  Talking about a waste of time there is something that really infuriates me.  Why do we bother with a doctors “appointment”?  Every time I go to a doctors office, medical, dentist, or otherwise I always always end up waiting one, two, sometimes three hours past my ‘appointment’ time.  Why is that?  Don’t give me that “we’re just so busy” or “we’re over booked today” because I DON’T CARE!  I made an APPOINTMENT to be seen at a specific time not three hours later!  More time wasted!  I refuse to do that again.  I will not wait more than 30 minutes past my appointment, my time is just as valuable as the doctors.  Frankly, I think it is more valuable!  If they cannot run their office in a professional and timely manner, close the doors!

Time.  What do you do with your time?  Ever write down what you do for each hour of your day for a week and look back and say “what a waste of time that was”?  I guess I am a bit old fashioned because I believe in taking the time to write personal Thank You Notes to people.  Not an e-mail, or a verbal thank you but a hand written thank you note.  I’m not saying that a verbal thank you doesn’t go a long way, it does.  But to really make an impression and let the other person know just how important they are and the importance of why you are thanking them, write it in your own words.  You don’t have to write a novel, it can be very brief.  I write thank you notes all the time, to customers, employees, managers, vendors, sales reps, everyone!  It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 48, manager or employee, make it a personal habit to write thank you notes.  If you don’t think you have the ability to say ‘thank you’ to someone then you probably need to consult a shrink!  A “thank you” is a critical part of success.  “Thanking” someone is a big part of Encouragement, Passion, Public Recognition, Appreciation, and Respect.  All these are critical to your personal and professional success.  If you think you don’t have anyone to say “thank you” too you are wrong.  What about your wife or husband that washes your clothes, cooks your meals, mows the grass, washes the car, buys the groceries, changes the diapers, or simply loves you?  Don’t you think that person is worthy of a “Thank You”?  How about your Creator?  Have you given thanks to Him lately?


“Thank you’s” wield power.  Thank you’s tell people that you are different than the rest, you recognize and appreciate them.  It is a widely know fact that most employees don’t want more money, they want to be appreciated, recognized as a valuable part of the company.  Our deepest human need is to be appreciated.  It is a rare gift that we can all share and enjoy.

One of my favorite quotes is “The two most powerful things in existence: a kind word and a thoughtful gesture.”—Ken Langone, VC and Home Depot founder.

“Thank You” for sharing your time with me.  Your gift is truly appreciated. -dh

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