Office Depot Cancels National Sales Meeting over Costs

Filed Under (The Competition) by Don on 26-12-2007

On the heels of their stock falling 12% a couple of weeks ago Office Depot has laid off what amounts to nearly 30% of its sales force, or about 600 employees.  This news has not been widely reported yet and therefore unnoticed by wall street markets.   I feel sorry for the employees and their families whose loss this effects here at Christmas time.  Now I read over at Peter Frost’s site that Office Depot has canceled their national sales meeting in order to save the $3 million it costs and have only a managers meeting.  That speaks volumes on how much business Depots Business Services Division has lost this year.  If I were one of their BSD reps I would have a hard time remaining upbeat and positive about my future employment at Depot.

Sounds to me like the folks at Depot need to redefine their tagline “Taking care of business”.  Independent dealers should see this as a prime opportunity to gain new marketshare and perhaps some valuable talent.

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