A Green Office for 2008, smart move!

Filed Under (The Competition) by Don on 26-11-2007

I’ve been so busy training my newest rep that I haven’t had time to write lately and now that Thanksgiving is over it’s time to get fired up again!  I mentioned in my last post about United Stationers new recycled products catalog coming out hopefully between Februrary and April of 2008.  That’s great news because being environmentally friendly and socially responsible is going to be the in the forefront of many businesses.  If they are not currently looking to purchase recycled or environmentally friendly products they will be very soon or they will be looking to do business with a company that has a “Green Policy”.  Don’t wait on everyone else to start before you decide to join in this effort.  Here is a Green Office Guide (pdf) from the City of Portland Oregon that will help get you started. 

At this time none of the big box stores are offering anything special as far as a green policy nor are they offering a specific catalog designed for green product hunters.  I suspect however that once even one of them starts to offer this the rest will waste no time getting on board.  Although the independents don’t have the marketing/advertising budgets these guys do we can our part by not ignoring this new market potential.  I publish our company newsletter that is e-mailed to all our permission-based subscribers and each month I will be including some kind of article devoted to my “Green Office Project”.  I’ve created a new new logo that reflects this initiative and I”ll post a link to my company page when I get it all posted and tested and of course I welcome any input from you guys.  I don’t know if S.P.Richards is offering a green catalog for their customers but I am very please to see USSCO has recognized the trend for this market.  With sales predictions coming in at nearly flat for 2008 I am of the opinion that being creative and looking for new markets such as this will enable us to overcome those predictions.  I always hated someone telling me that my business will be up or down based upon “their” predictions!  I love to show them that business ups and downs are not always market driven.  Afterall, what makes up the marketplace?  People do!  We make the market and we as sales and marketing people can have a positive affect on how our business succeeds or fails.  So in 2008 think G.O.Y.A. (Get Off Your A!!) Make that one extra sales call or set one more appointment and don’t let the naysayers affect your business and remember to think green for 2008.

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