What do your customers want/expect?

Filed Under (OP Sales Training) by Don on 01-11-2007

When we think about our role as sales people we typically think we know what the customer wants or expects.  I have over 25 years of formal experience in sales, management and training.  But I have a lifetime of sales experiences.  Growing up it didn’t take long for me to learn how to “sell” my parents on the latest and greatest toy I wanted.  I love automobiles and my knack for selling had my parents worrying that I would end up being a car salesman!  I started playing the piano when I was four years old and was taking college level music studies when I was thirteen.  I could play almost every instrument in my high school band and entered college as a music major.  Instead, I fell in love with the woman I have been now married to for over 27 years and the rest is history.  I never earned that degree in music, sorry Mom and Dad.  I have now developed into a marketing role and love my job.  I get the best of both worlds, sales and marketing.  I am truly blessed!

When asked to identify what customers expect for an account manager in our industry I have come to the conclusion that the following seven things are what customers expect:

  1. Personally managing their satisfaction
  2. Understanding their business and business goals
  3. Recommending products & equipment expertly
  4. Providing support and training when necessary, such as online ordering setup and training
  5. Be a customer advocate
  6. Solve logistical problems
  7. Provide innovative solutions to their needs

You have to be part consultant and part relationship builder.  Customers expect a lot and you have to provide something very unique to earn their business.  There are other suppliers for the products you sell and price isn’t usually the objection or reason you lost that account.  Prove to your customers that you have added value in excess of price and you will emerge a winner every time.

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