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Filed Under (OP Sales Training) by Don on 31-10-2007

Although my generation ignored the importance of recycling, current generations have seen the importance of being more earth friendly.  Although I sometimes get annoyed at the in-your-face tactics by some of those who promote green initiatives I do understand and appreciate how this effects the world we live in.  Therein lies the opportunity for sales people to offer more than just another product to be sold to their prospects and customers.  There are many ways in which companies and small businesses can help operate in a more earth friendly “green” environment.  A simple internet search will provide much information on products that are made from recycled materials and what office products contribute to energy savings measures. 

Years ago most office workers had a typewriter and copier that used about 600 watts of energy whereas today a six person office may have six computers, three printers, a large colume copier or color copier and a fax that totals a whopping 7,000 watts.  That kind of energy usage can be reduced significantly by utilizing products such as multifunction printers and more efficient LCD monitors instead of CRT displays.  Also recommend that customers look for the Energy Star logo on their new equipment purchases.  An Energy Star printer can cut a printer’s electricity usage by as much as 65%.  Encourage customers to recycle old office equipment and computers.  Create your own custom green earth initiative to share with customers and prospects and show them how they can save money, be more energy efficient and help the cause.  Your supply catalog is full of recycled products, recycling bins and other products that can help.  If you are a United dealer you can sign up for the Link360 Recycling program that provides pre-paid return boxes and envelopes to return inkjet and laser toners for recycling.  A laser toner cartridge contains as much as 4 quarts of petroleum required to manufacture the plastic hull alone.  Another option is to create a small static cling label the customer could place on their door identifying them as a participant in your green earth initiative.  I’m sure you can come up with some other ideas to try.  If you think of something different be sure to leave your comments here and share with others.  I’m creating a Green Earth Project page on the company web site to help our customers go green.  Good luck with yours!

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