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Hands down the consumer products show was a tremendous success.  Over three weeks have passed since the September 21st event and our sales people are still taking orders for products seen at the event and fielding requests for more info or demo’s on products from the show.  I tried to keep a track of the orders resulting from the show but there has literally been so much business resulting from it that I cannot keep track of them all.  That’s a good problem so I’m not complaining.  We had a good mix of office products, breakroom foods and supplies, janitorial products and furniture and also had advertising specialty exhibitors.  The ad-specialty guys did a great job and one of my reps turned in another order for embroidered laptop cases.  We have entered many orders for apparel items and numerous bags of various styles.  We have sold more ad-specialty products in the last three weeks than the previous 9 months of this year.  Zip-Notes was another new product demonstrated at the show and everyone loves it.  This little company has a cool product and we have since learned it can be screen printed and have already sold some of these custom imprinted products.  We totally blew out the warehouse inventory for Zip-Notes and are about to start buying direct.  All this as a direct result of the show.

I have received many personal accolades for my 8 months of work, planning and executing the show and to all those I humbly thank you.  Please know that credit is also due to my event committee members who supported my ideas and were there during all those planning meetings and without whose help I could never have gotten everything accomplished.  Thanks also to my “elves” who stuffed envelopes and pasted hundreds of mailing labels on invitations.  Annette, Susan, Terry and Donna, you guys are awesome and I sincerely appreciate everything you did.  Company wide support was good and our fearless leader was all smiles at the show.  He was thrilled to see the vendor support and the guests enthusiasm! 

In closing the show has had multiple effects.  A boost in sales revenue and account penetration is very obvious and is continuing.  The amazing thing is the change in employee morale and the effect the show had on our customers.  Excitement is obvious when manufacture’s reps are telling other reps that didn’t come about how much they missed by not being there.  But customers are calling that didn’t come to the show and telling us that they have heard stories about how good the show was and next year they are going to take time off from their job, personal time off, just to make sure they don’t miss the next show.  That says volumes about the quality and success of the overall event. 

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