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Filed Under (OP Sales Training) by Don on 17-10-2007

While working on my marketing plan for 2008 for the company I ran across some interesting statistics relating to our OP Industry.

  • 63% of women prefer to order their office supplies online
  • 84% of office products buyers are women
  • 72% of women would consider it a high value if their supplier provided collecting and recycling of their waste supplies, toners, etc.
  • 63% of buyers would prefer to use environmentally friendly office products
  • 89% of buyers recognize name brand products
  • 71% of buyers dissatisfied buyers would switch suppliers rather than complain about poor service
  • 51% think computer consumables selection process is confusing
  • 67% of office furniture purchased by women
  • 72% of buyers utilize color in organizing their office

Can you draw any parallels in how you do business?  Are we really directing our marketing materials to the right group of buyers?

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