Max Rumors of Wal-Mart purchase

Filed Under (The Competition) by Don on 16-10-2007

Good grief, I take a week to go fishing at the Outer Banks of North Carolina and learn that there are substantial rumors that Wally-World, oops sorry, Wal-Mart is in process of buying Office Max.  Of course $2.5 billion is small change for the retail giant but this purchase does have some merit.  Of course this is rumor as far as I know since I don’t have any hard facts or proof.  I do wonder what will happen to the Boise contract business portion of the purchase.  I would guess Wal-Mart would sell that part off to Staples or Depot and concentrate on the retail element that they know very well.  Wal-Mart knows transactional business very well whereas we independents know the relationship (consultative) business much better.  That area is where we will do very well.  The core SMB companies of up to 100 employees is where most independents concentrate their most earnest efforts. 

Corporate Express still suffers by loosing sales people in droves just as Office Max is laying off people in droves.  I have come to the realization that these guys just don’t get it.  The “it” is the importance of your people.  It’s your people, stupid, that makes your company succeed.  Without dedicated and talented employees you have nothing, will accomplish nothing and will be doomed to fail. 

W.B. Mason knows this very well.  Why else do you think they have experienced a 27% growth margin this year?  Strong leadership coupled with vision and direction.  A combination destined for success.  The Masonville team has increased their business this year to an incredible $622 million.  Their goal is to reach $1.5 billion by 2012.  They are well on their way and the Mason team of over 600 sales reps are likely to make that happen.

Congratulations everyone at W.B. Mason for your hard work and dedication!

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