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I know, I’ve been slack and haven’t been writing here much lately.  I’ve been busy with analyzing the after effects of the show.  The orders and customer calls continue much to my delight.  I was following up on my guest survey cards and find it interesting that even though our sales team does a pretty good job of selling many of our customers didn’t know we sold certain categories of products such as JanSan, Ad Specialty, printing.  I guess I’m a little surprised at this because I assumed that we make a concerted effort to sell all our products on a continuous basis but as the survery results show, that isn’t the case.

Now, of course, I’m asked what am I going to do in the marketing department to increase sales over the next period.  Marketing alone isn’t a fix for poor sales, there is only so much I can do alone.  I am certain that there is more business in nearly every account we service that we don’t get.  These other lost products are areas of higher profit margins if we can find a way to be more effective at account penetration.  That is really what it is all about.  Are we really doing an effective job of asking the right questions and from the right people?  I’ve received a lot of feedback about new products these customers didn’t know about.  But the reality is some of these products were not new at all.  They have been around for a year or more!  What the heck are these salespeople doing?  Are they just order takers?  Perhaps they are not being managed effectively.  Either way the survey feedback was specific enough to tell me that we are not doing a good job of introducing new products and new catagories to our client base.  As for promoting new products I do have some ideas for new ways to promote new products on our web site but I expect they will be met with a sour note of disagreement.  I’m thinking about video marketing of new products on the web site and via email.  It wouldnt be that difficult.  In fact I could do it in such a way as to make that service available to other dealers.  They could use the video messages to send out to customers via email or place customized one on their web sites.  What do you think?

Well, I’m off this next week for vacation.  The family and I are going to the outer banks of North Carolina near Cape Hatteras for some much earned rest and some time spent fishing.  I appreciate your time spent reading here and please share your thoughts and ideas!  I’d love to hear from you. 

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