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Wow!  The show was an incredible event.  Six months of planning and organizing paid off in a big way with our consumer products show last Friday.  We had over 345 people in attendance and so far the feedback I’ve received from the customers and prospects has been overwhelmingly positive with praises and accolades with everyone wanting to know when the next one will be held is 2008.  Same feedback was received from all the 43 exhibitors present which confirms I was on track with my plan.

When this project began last February I begin writing an expectations chart based upon exhibitors, customers, and dealership expectations and best case scenarios from each viewpoint.  By meeting as many of these expectations as possible I determined that the show would be successful barring any unforseen complication.  Although my company had done these shows prior to my employ they had not planned out beyond inviting customers and vendors and feeding them barbeque.  Not that there is anything wrong with that but in my opinion they were missing a tremendous opportunity by not selling products and services.  The point is to increase your business and this event affords the exhibitors a unique opportunity to sell and demo product directly to the buyer, user/chooser, end-user. 

Today I counted not less than 34 dozen pens just from one exhibitor that was sold.  We sold furniture and janitorial products and my survey cards from the attendees were loaded with examples of products the customers didn’t know we had.  That fact also highlights some other issues that need to be addressed.  Overall, the event was a huge success.  The tab for the event will probably come in at over $13K of which over 98% was paid for by the exhibitors and our ad space that was sold.  We also gave away over 50 door prizes and our meal was fabulous.  We continue to receive calls today from people still excited about the show and wanting to buy products they saw at the event.  I sincerely appreciate all the work from my committee members and the support of our staff for helping make the event a great success.  I could not have done it without their valuable help and suggestions. 

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