Countdown to showtime

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After six months of planning, research and strategy sessions with my committe members our consumer products show for office products is finally here.  This Friday is the big day.  My last head count exceeded 420.  My goal for our team was 300 so I am obviously very pleased.  I have marketed the event heavily among our staff, customers and exhibitors.  I have never planned an event like this before but I have attended over the past 20 years so I drew much out of my previous experiences, good and bad.  This is more than just a show for products, it is a prime opportunity to write business orders.  I was shocked to learn that this company had never attempted to write business in their previous shows.  I saw this as a huge opportunity and promoted this with our exhibitors which obviously maked them happy because these manufacturers reps want to sell their products.   It also affords them a unique opportunity to interact with the end-user.    I decided early on that I wanted the show to be more about meeting customer needs which entails much more than just office supplies.  Customers and business people want to have fun.  Many corporate clients use sports themes for corporate events and team building so I wanted to let our customers know that our efforts to meet their needs go far beyond traditional office supply companies.  I have always networked with clients and other various contacts so I could provide information and services as needed to my customers.

I have tried to consider everyones needs and expectations for the show since I have been an attendee and exhibitor to dozens of high and low profile events so I understand what people want and need to accomplish at these shows.  My event committee has been an asset and I appreciate everything they have done to keep the show on track and on schedule.  I have exhibitors coming in from Texas, Minnisota, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Michigan.  I sent out customer invitations via snail mail, e-mail and with product deliveries.  I also made an conscious effort to communicate regularly with our exhibitors to let them know how our planning was progressing and what our customer feedback and expectations were.  I received numerous accolades from the exhibitors about this as it seems other event planners don’t provide this kind of information.  It has really helped bring on more exhibitors that I really planned for and it has helped to meet the financial needs of the show.  I have been surprised how expensive an event like this is with the projected sum total coming in at over $12,000.  This has really been a lot of fun I hate to admit.  I could probably do this for a living as it really keep you on your toes and I have gotten to talk to a lot of new exhibitors and manufacturers.  I’ll include a pic after the event is over and I am recovered!  My gratitude to all those who have helped make this event a success.  Thank you!

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