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I started planning a consumer products table-top show last February.  At first I thought I could have it in May but a friend who organizes many shows advised me to allow at least 6 months of preperation and planning.  I thought she was nuts but I’m not foolish enough to ignore the advice of people I trust and respect.  I took her advice to heart and set my date for the end of September.  Well, the show is going to happen on September 21st and I feel like I’m about to give birth!  I have never planned an event like this but I have attended many, many shows of this type so I knew what my expectations were and I have experienced many likes and dislikes regarding my past show experiences.  This gave me a clear direction I wanted to go and I had already began writing what I wanted to show to accomplish.  The show is for our customers and prospects and it is designed to show and sample various products and services that our company offers its customers.

Many of our suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers were quick to join us but quite a few had to be prodded, some much harder than others.  Overall I’d say we had about 95% of our invited suppliers accept our invitation.  Those that declined need to remember that we have detailed memories about their lack of support to us and our customers.  We can buy their product somewhere else!  We had a few surprise suppliers that asked to join the event when they heard the news about it.  I welcomed them with open arms.  Most of our exhibitors have been eager to help and some have been especially helpful and generous.  Kudos to our first call wholesaler United Stationers, they have been outstanding and I am very grateful for their help and contributions to our event.  These folks have really come through and they have reps coming from all over the states to be a part of our show.  Hewlett Packard, amoung others has also been a great help and I could go on to list the other 45 suppliers, manufacturers and others that have stepped up to make our show a real success.

We are expecting over 300 current customers to attend for lots of free samples, new product demonstrations and a free lunch buffet at the 5-Star rated restaurant at our hosting facility.  I’ll be taking pictures and will share more details of the event and how the planning went a bit later.  So come back and visit soon!

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