Does your web site stink?

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by Don on 18-06-2007

I try not to rant and I really try not to get an “attitude” about things but after browsing around at some office dealers web sites I’m getting really irritated.  I have to say that some of these sites just plain stink!  I won’t name sites specifically because if I think your site sucks I would be a lot happier about it if I could just call you and tell you that very fact.  Look people, this isn’t rocket science.  Your home page is a direct reflection of your business.  Your site is your company’s personification of it’s ideals, attitude toward its customers, and purpose.  Your site must be more than just a place to buy product.  You have about one or two minutes to get the web site visitor’s attention.  You have to be engaging, informative and creative.  Yes, you have to sell your products but that comes second to your ability to engage and capture their attention.  This same concept can be used for your site also and like I said, it isn’t very difficult. 

If I’m a prospective customer visiting your site and all I see is your company name and a link to place online orders and no more then I have not been engaged.  How am I supposed to know what your delivery policies are or what other types of products and services you offer.  Why should I buy from you?  You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to create an interesting web presence and it doesn’t take a lot of work to keep it fresh and up to date.  There are some great software programs available such as Dreamweaver and Frontpage plus many others that are loaded with features and valuable tools.  In my experience I prefer the Dreamweaver package but that is just my opinion.  The point is that you take the time to create a web site that serves a purpose beyond just an entry portal to your ordering page. 

Here are some ideas to help you on your way.

  1. Create an easy to use navigation structure
  2. Include an About Us page, use staff photos if possible.  Let people see who you are and who they will be speaking to if they call your office.
  3. Use testimonials whenever possible
  4. Include product information and pictures, especially regarding new products
  5. Tell them why they should do business with you!
  6. Educate them on your products and services
  7. Make it professional, not hokey.  Use humor but don’t be offensive
  8. Present information about your company’s local community involvement
  9. Present products that have positive impact on issues such as identity theft, office organization, creating a earth friendly work space, etc.
  10. Utilize information you get from your direct buy vendors and your wholesalers.  They are a wealth of information and welcome their products to be featured on your site!

That is just the beginning but it offers some excellent starting points to consider for your site.  If you’re intimidated and don’t think you can accomplish the look and feel for your site you desire, then email me and let’s talk about your needs and how we can make it happen for you.  It’s easier and less expensive than you think!

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