Success in the Midst of Failure

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I consider myself successful.  My success is a byproduct of my many failures.  Do I plan to fail?  Of course not.  I plan my work, work my plan and endeavor to make every project a success.  When I designed and wrote my current employers web site the first eight demo sites I tested failed, miserably.  I was mad, irritated and was ready to throw the computer out the window.  (I still feel that way somedays!)  However the problem wasn’t in the computer it was in my lack of understanding how to accomplish exactly the look and feel of what I wanted the site to be.  In my frustration I took a long weekend and went camping in the mountains of North Carolina with my family and pondered my problem.  When I returned to work on Monday my mind was fresh and newly inspired.  I started all over again with a completely new look and it worked.  The site is informative, current and contains a lot of information to educate and inform our customers.  I think the site is a good example of what a lot of independent dealers lack in their own sites these days.  Information.  If you want to see the site just email me and I’ll send you the link.  (Look in the “About” section for the email address.)

Thomas Edison failed 2,000 times to invent the light bulb but he never quit.  He focused on the positives and knew that he would eventually succeed.  Many of the most successful people today have thrived through their failures.  This is especially true of sales people.  Bouncing back from failure is crucial for your long term success.  Don’t concentrate on what went wrong, instead focus on what was learned from your mistakes and strive to meet your goal.  There is no mistake you will make that some other intelligent competent individual hasn’t already made.  Keep your attitude on the positive and look beyond the problem.  There is a little treasure chest in every failure and it holds the opportunity to learn and grow from those failures.  Greet your failures with some humor and don’t loose your perspective.  I can honestly say I have had my share of failures and I must admit that out of all those failures I gained valuable knowledge and experiences that continue to benefit me to this day.  I don’t know what failure will greet me next but I’m ready to embrace it and keep on trying to grow, personally and professionally.   If Einstein can flunk out of high school and still succeed I know I can too!

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