Upselling for Dollars

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No, it’s not the latest game show but it is a game you need to know how to play and you should play to win.  You have enthusiasm and energy.  You’re excited and you’ve worked hard to learn your products;  their strengths and weaknesses.  You’ve done your homework and you know your companies capabilities.  Now the right techniques and words can make all the difference.  Your new skills are ready to “Up” the sell.

To “Up” the sell we take a product or service and skillfully sell the customer either a higher quantity of product or a higher profit margin item that will accomplish the task in a better form or fashion.  As a skilled listener and problem solver you can understand their needs and make informed recommendations.  You will ask open-ended questions to discover details of the customers’ experience and intentions.  You’ll ask closed-ended questions to find out specific information.  By utilizing techiques of persuasion a skilled rep can anticipate future problems, and solve current issues confronting customers thereby demonstrating that you genuinely care about the customers success and further cement your relationships.  Be innovative, curious and creative.

There are three big mistakes you need to avoid.

  1. The rep comes across as being pushy
  2. The upselling attempt comes across as a phony or feable attempt so the customer refuses
  3. No upselling attempt is made

Assume the sale in a positive tone.  Sell the product or service’s benefits not it’s features.  Remember everyone wants to buy but no one want to be sold.  Ninety percent of a sale is emotional.  Use words like “gain,” “improve,” “sale,” “free,” “new,” to appeal to the customers emotions.  Ask customers how they feel not how they think about adding a suggested item to their order.  Close on an up-beat note because your last comments will be what the customer remembers most.  Listen carefully for buying signals that are inferred but not spoken.  Using other customers stories of satisfaction about products is a good way to show that other people have enjoyed success and satisfaction with your product or service.  Relate things that other customers have said about your products and services is a good form or personal endorsement but only if the information is truthful and genuine.  NEVER lie to a customer to sell a product!  This is unethical and unprofessional and most companies and organizations have a low tolerance for such tactics.  

Utililzing up-selling and cross-selling techniques as a genuine way to build your sales and increase customer satisfaction and is another tool in your arsenal of relationship building weapons.  It’s all in the attitude so do not forget to smile if you are on the phone!  If your attitude is suffering then let me borrow a phrase from Zig Ziglar and suggest that you get a “Check-up from the Neck-up!” 

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