Field Coaching, Part 3 – Ask Yourself

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 In the previous two posts we discussed some do’s and dont’s for Field Coaching your sales reps to help them achieve greater success.  Your role as a field coach is that of an observer who after each calls gives positive feedback and re-enforcement for actions to improve the reps success in closing or building business in new and existing accounts.  When analyzing the reps for the after-call conference ask yourself questions like this:

  • Did the rep demonstrate effective listening skills?
  • Was the rep honest with the customer?
  • Did the rep cover/discuss important sales information?
  • Did the rep demonstrate concern for the customers needs and wants?
  • Is the rep too wordy?
  • Was the rep impatient or irritated?
  • Did the rep mention or discuss any particular products or services?
  • Was the rep focused on the call’s objective?
  • Can you learn anything from the rep? (Technique, approach, product info)
  • Did the rep offer a solution(s) to the customers problems?
  • Did the rep recognize any sales opportunities?  
  • Was the rep observant?
  • Did the rep identify the appropriate decision maker(s)?
  • Does the rep understand their expectations and/or goals?

Always hold your post call discussion prior to the next call but keep it brief and to the point.  Always find the positive attributes of the call first and then ask if the rep thinks the call would have gone better if they had done the items in question.  Give the rep the opportunity to learn from their experience and your observations, give them the first chance at discovery.  Ask the rep to rate their performance and see if they picked up on what you observed.  Don’t beat on the rep with any errors, actual or perceived.  You do not want to be confrontational.  Positive feedback will return positive results. 

At the end of your day have a wrap-up session and discuss the day in a relaxed environment, not in your office, if possible.  Agree on what changes should be made to achieve greater success.  Suggest solutions and help your rep make a commitment to a goal that is attainable and realistic.  If the rep needs further sales training or product knowledge make that commitment to them and follow through with your promises.  Monitor your progress for proof that your coaching is successful.  This isn’t a complete listing of everything you need to do.  But rather some suggestions to help you think about what you want to achieve.  The best coach will always get the most from their team.

 The last word: “Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”– Anthony Robbins

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