The Research is in, the Customer has Spoken, Are YOU Listening?

Filed Under (OP Sales Training) by Don on 21-11-2008

The latest research is in from your current and prospective customers and I hope you are paying attention. Let’s look at some questions and their respective responses from business decision makers.

“If your supplier was often later than promised with their deliveries, what would you do?”
#1 – Start looking for a new supplier. (45%)

“If you could save money by having your delivery shipped later, which delivery option would you use?”
#1 – 3-5 Day Delivery (95%)
#2 – 1-2 Day Delivery (55%)

“What are the top three things (benefits) you need to gain approval to purchase from an independent dealer?”
#1 – Lower Prices on Key Items than the National Chains (84%)
#2 – Guaranteed On-time Delivery (83%)
#3 – Fewer out-of-stock items than the national chains (76%)
#3 – A website that’s at least as good as the national chains (Tie – 76%)

“What do independent dealers need to do to increase your awareness of them?”
#1 – Send a NET priced Catalog (58%)
#2 – Email Flyers (NET) (Tie – 58%)
#3 – Email featuring NET prices (48%)
#4 – Mail NET Prices (35%)

“What is your preferred Method of Receiving Information?”
#1 – Email (75%)
#2 – Postal Mail of Special Flyer (33%)

“What percentage of your orders are placed online?”
#1 – 81%-99% = 31% of respondents
#2 – 100% = 20% of respondents

“Expectations of Future Web only ordering?”
Increase – 31%
Stay the same – 68%

Products delivered when promised. Lower prices on the top 20 most common items with fewer out-of-stock products. Give them a catalog with their price and a great ordering website and communicate via email. It doesn’t seem like it should be that difficult to get new business does it? Don’t you think these are pretty simple requests?

Are you meeting the needs of your customer/prospect?

The last word: “There are two primary choices in life; to accept conditions as they exist, or accept responsibility for changing them.”Denis Waitley

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