It’s Not A Recession, It’s An Opportunity

Filed Under (OP Sales Training) by Don on 03-04-2008

I’ll be right up front with you, I’m not a big lover of the news media.  I watch some of the major news media enough to try and sift through all the BS and determine what is true and what is hype or creative opinion.  I’m already hearing from some reps, “sales are slow”, “customers are not buying” or some other form of excuse to justify a drop in sales.  I won’t disagree that some companies may be tightening up a bit to control costs in a weak economy but I don’t see any true recession currently happening.  I may be proven wrong in the months to come and that’s fine too.  The point is recession or not, talking about it is in no way going to be an excuse for a good sales rep to not be busy.  If they spent as much time working as they did complaining their sales funnel would be filled to overflowing!

A slowing economy was always an indicator for me to use the down time as an opportunity to increase my prospecting and marketing efforts.  If I don’t have to spend as much time catering to my current clients then I will obviously have more time to spend prospecting for new clients or working on account penetration, right?  If your competition is wasting time complaining also then this is a prime chance to take their business from them!  Luck isn’t something that just happens, luck is something that you make happen.  I have complacent sales people who will never work any harder and I have hungry sales people who never take “no” for an answer.  The complacent sales rep is still at home watching Good Morning America at 8:30am while the hungry sales rep is sitting in a customer/prospects office at 8:00am.  The hungry sales person take the time to penetrate each account and develop as much business as possible.  The complacent rep walks in the door, complains about the weather, writes an order…maybe, and goes home at 4pm.  A hungry sales rep see opportunity at every corner and a complacent rep sees a new excuse to complain how slow business is with every breath.

Enough excuses people!  Spend more time networking among your existing contacts and/or join a group like Rotary and expand your contact base.  Partner with someone in a non-competing business and share contacts and referrals.  If you sell a lot of contract furniture start building relationships with general contractors and architects that have project work that can lead to more opportunities.  These contacts keep you well positioned when projects happen and can be a valuable “in” for new business.  Work smart and have a plan of action every day and when that opportunity clock rings each morning you know that it is going to be another terrific day!  You are the best rep in the company and while the other slackers complain you are going to take their business!

The last word: “It is not what you say or hope, wish or intend, but only what you do that counts. Your choices tell you unerringly who you really are.”– Brian Tracy



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