Why Does All This Matter?

Filed Under (OP News & Views, The Competition) by Don on 05-03-2008

A friend of mine asked me the other day why I was so critical of Office Depot so I wanted to clarify my personal position on the OD matter.  I’m not out to necessarily be critical on any one person or company.  I do however, think it is important to know, and especially for the independent office dealer channel to be aware of, current events that may or could effect their business.  Politics is about all you can find on the television newscasts these days and they don’t dare rock the boat and make the big box stores mad considering the millions of dollars they spend in media advertising.  I try to point out the good, if any, and the bad as I see it applies to our marketplace.  Most business people that I know work their collective tails off trying to earn and retain a clients’ business so I get on my soapbox sometimes when I feel like the regular “Joe’s” are getting ripped off or we as taxpayers are getting a bad deal then I think people should know.  The CEO of a company that allows deceptive or unfair trade practices to happen should be the ones held accountable.  

I’m not directly involved in the Depot audits therefore I depend on those who are to “keep me in the loop” and provide me documentation that I can in turn make available to you the reader.  I am a firm believer in competition but when the contracts are misrepresented in an apparent effort to fool people, especially taxpayers, then people need to know.  My primary purpose in this blog is to offer sales advice and ideas on how to work harder and smarter and become more successful in the office supplies and equipment business.  With that I also try to keep readers informed on what is happening in the marketplace and how to be more competitive. 

I welcome your comments any time and I sincerely hope you enjoy what you read here.  However, just like a television, if you don’t like what you read then change the channel.  If you would like to offer an opinion or have something to say in relation to the office supplies channel or sales training and motivation in general it would be my sincere pleasure to hear from you.

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