Win or Loose, It’s Your Choice

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I was reading an article in Selling Power Magazine  the other day that reminded me of an important fact.  Your personal success is completely dependent upon your decision to succeed.  That’s right, success is a decision you make and a promise you have to follow through on.  It’s easy to blame the economy for everything but the fact is there are people out there being successful every day! 


If you are not prospecting for new business I can assure you that your competition is.  The vultures are out there hunting for every scrap of business they can harvest and your customer(s) is their target.  Now is the time when the strength of your customer relationships will bear fruit.  Right now price is king and you must proactively help your customer cut costs by making product substitution suggestions and by finding creative ways to help their business weather the storm.  If you loose a customer find out why.  Don’t be embarassed or shy about it, just ask!  And for goodness sake don’t walk into your customer’s office and say, “I just stopped by to see how you are doing.”  If you don’t have a purpose to be there don’t go!  Respect your customer/client’s time by demonstrating value everytime you walk through their door.  Stop thinking of yourself as a sales rep and see yourself as a consultant. 

When was the last time you redifined your goals?  You can think big with long term goals but your short term goals have to be realistic or disappointment will ruin your attitude.  Make that extra call every day.  Just one more call every day can mean 1000 new calls a year!  But your success or failure totally depends on you.  Win or loose, it’s your choice.  If you choose to be positive a whole new world of possibilities will open up before you!


The last word: “The height of your accomplishments will equal the depth of your convictions.”William Scolavino