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The office products industry has been wrought with change over the past 21 years.  Some change is good and some is full of dread.  Either way we all must embrace change and learn what our part in the ‘change’ will be.  I am a big fan of the independent dealer channel.  The independent office products dealer that has survived these years of change has evolved into a strong driving force of dealers whose dream and vision remain confident and focused.  They have succeeded in areas that the office super stores (or big box stores) claim to be good at, such as customer service, when in actuality they are horrible and make only a feable attempt to succeed.  Okay, I said it, the super stores have lousy service.  But let’s not pick on just the office products stores, how many large stores of any type do you really get good service in?  There are a few, but it’s just that, only a bare few.  Occasionally you will find an employee in a large store that really cares about helping a customer but overall they (the stores and their management) make a big talk but they don’t do the walk!  With all the out-sourcing and centralizing that is happening in the marketplace the one constant is the deterioration of customer service.

A chain moves their call center to a location hundreds or even thousands of miles from the customer in an attempt to save money does that at the sacrifice of customer service.  Personally, I am very weary of customer service people who don’t have a clue about their product, how to handle problems or act as though it is my problem and not theirs.  Walking into an office products brick and mortar store to buy an item(s) is a transaction, not a sale.  We play an active role in the sales process, we are not bystanders waiting for the customer to walk in and buy our products.  Therein lies a distinct advantage for the professional, knowledgable sales person.

These are but a few of the issues confronting a sales professional in the OP (office products) industry today.  In the months to come I hope to pass on information on sales strategies, general information and other sales and OP industry knowledge that I either have learned or come across in my daily efforts to perform my BEST.  I have successfully filled the role of sales manager, marketing manager, business development manager and business owner for many successful years.  I currently work for a large OP dealer in the Charlotte, North Carolina market in a multipurpose role of writing sales training manuals, marketing, sales manager, webmaster and more.  I invite you to share your comments about your successes, and if you dare even your failures for others to learn from. 

Some things to keep in mind is I will not tolerate negativity, insults, slurs, or anything else I consider to be less than professional or Christian.  If you would not say it to your mother then don’t say it here.  If you want information on a specific topic or issue just ask and I’ll do my best to answer or I will try to research your issue and help as much as I know how.  Be sure to share this blog with your friends and fellow sales reps and come back to visit and post something or just say hi.