Pilot Pens V Super Color Marker

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Pilot V Super Color Marker

Pilot V Super Color Marker

Pilot pen has added to their BeGreen line-up a refillable chisel point marker called the “V Super Color Marker” available in black (43904), red (43906) and blue (43905).  Pilot claims the product is made from 92% recycled products.  I was given a sample of this product last week for evaluation.  Including the cap the marker measures approximately 5″ in length and uses a liquid ink refillable cartridge.  In my opinion the earth friendly component is a good selling point but as we all know the liquid filled markers and highlighter perform well but are subject to drying out much faster than their counterparts when the cap is left off for a period of time.

With a M.S.R.P. of  $22.68 per dozen this product is an expensive alternative to more economical markers.  The average street price of $17.99 per dozen and the refills selling for around $0.89 each makes this marker much more expensive.  This product, in my opinion, is not very cost effective when you consider the Avery Marker No.08888 sells for less than $10 a dozen and some house brands such as Universal sell for less that $7 per dozen.  For the savy purchasing agent looking for good deals in our depressed economy I don’t expect the Pilot V Super Color Marker will be receiving many new product placements.  While the marker performs well as I would expect from a quality manufacturer as Pilot Pen I would not purchase this product for my use nor would I recommend it to my customers.

Pilot Pen Introduces New Recycled BeGreen Pens

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One of the purposes I originally had for this blog was to introduce new products that come across my desk that have a unique place in our market.  There are dozens of new products that come out every month but sometimes a product really meets the needs of the customer in general.  Becoming more environmentally conscious is becoming more important in regards to the products we use every day, this is an area that smart dealers and reps would be wise to recognize.

I’m going to kick off the first new product by introducing the new Pilot Pen BeGreen Line of pens.  The linup is complete with rollerball pens, mechanical pencils, gel pens and ball point pens.  The Pilot Precise V5 Pen boasts an 89.2% recycled content and all their pens have the same high quality ink that you expect from a Pilot Pen.  Contact your wholesaler or Pilot rep for more details about the Pilot Begreen product line. 

I’ll be sharing more new products as I find them or if you see a unique product that fits a nich in today’s marketplace be sure to drop us a line.

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